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Professional Drone Videography for events

Drones are becoming increasingly popular these days, not only as a hobby but also as a profession, as more businesses are implementing the use of drones into their operations. As drone technology is rapidly advancing, drones’ applications in the industry are also establishing themselves as an essential tool within any business for so many reasons, such as marketing, inspection, etc.

So if becoming a professional drone pilot is what you have been thinking about lately, we are here to help you obtain this skill under the guidance of our licensed experts who are committed to providing you with the best in class professional Drone training.

Being one of the fastest-growing aviation industry segments, drones present countless career opportunities. Drone pilots are needed for various Professional Aerial Drone Services such as aerial photography and videography, aerial monitoring and surveillance, site inspection, search and rescue missions, and as drone technology is continuously advancing, these may also be used for package delivery in the future.

Why becoming a drone pilot is an excellent career option?

Why becoming a drone pilot is an excellent career option

While you can fly a drone as a hobby without any actual training, by attending professional Drone training, you give yourself the necessary knowledge and tools to make a living out of something you love. Taking part in our drone training course will provide you with knowledge, skills, experience, and safety solutions to fly a drone.

Your will under the guidance of the owner himself at the HOTSHOT FILMS, Mr. Derrick Ward, who has built a widely successful aerial photography and videography business and now working to share his skills with you. Whether you are an experienced pilot or have been close to a drone before, he ensures to provide you with appropriate knowledge using his unique teaching methods that are easy and elaborated.

Register for our professional Drone training today

The sooner you call us to register yourself for our professional Drone training course, the faster you can send your drone on various missions. From commercial and personal aerial photography and videography to finding the victims during a disaster, a career in drones has so much to offer to an individual. And the best thing is, it’s a safe career with minimum efforts required, although you need to be a bit creative to capture the best shots, which we will teach you how to attain.

Since our drone training course has limited seats, we recommend calling us as soon as possible to secure your spot!